The return of an
epoch-making aircraft

The new JUNKERS F 13 is a living piece of aviation history and a fusion of history and modern craftsmanship. Back in 1919, she was the first all-metal aircraft for passengers, mail and freight.

Today, she offers the unique opportunity to experience travelling as both pilots and passengers would have a century ago.

The history of aviation – translated to modern times.

Facts and figures

Historical blueprints provided the basis for the construction of the new JUNKERS F 13. But, for safety reasons and to ensure everyday usability, we have changed a few things.

Technical description of the JUNKERS F 13 (2016)

Brake system Redline T6 conversion kit
Main landing gear Newdesign
Shock absorbers Newdesign
Wheels North American T6
Tail unit Vertical stabiliser offset to compensate for propeller slip stream (similar to the JU-52 design), balanced ruder and elevators. Trimmable horizontal stabiliser (similar to the JU-52 design)
Engine Pratt & Whithney R-985 «Wasp Junior» radial engine (450 hp)
Propeller MT Replica of Hamilton Standard 5400 series
Engine monitoring Electronics International MVP50 Engine Analyser and Systems Monitor: EGT and CHT for each cylindre, oilpressureand temperature, fuelpressure, manifoldpressure, RPM, fuelreserve
Cockpitinstruments Garmin G5 integrated flight instrument. Airspeed, altitude, verticalspeed, attitude, directionalcompass, turn andslip, oilpressure andtemperature, fuelpressure, EGT/CHT, volt/amp, fueltemp, fuelreserve
Communications equipment State-of-the-art radio equipment (VHF), transponder mode S, intercom including passenger cabin
Cabininterior The cabin will be custom-fitted.

Comparison with historical series

JUNKERS F 13 New Junkers F 13
Wing surface 34.5 m2 (371.5 sq ft) 39.95 m2 (430 sq ft)
Wingspan 14.82 m (48,6 ft) 14.86 m (48,75 ft)
Height 3.50 m (11,5 ft) 3.11 m (10,2 ft)
Length 9.60 m (31,5 ft) 9.60 m (31,5 ft)
Landing speed 86.85 km/h (46,9 kt) 105 km/h (56.7 kts)
Cruise speed 140 km/h (75.6 kts) 160 km/h (86.4 kts)
Maximum speed 170 km/h (91.8 kts) 225 Km/h (121.5 kts)
Stall speed n.n. 95 km/h (51.3 kts)
Service ceiling 4600 m (15’090 ft) 3048 m (10’000 ft)
Range 1000 km (540 NM) 888km (480 NM)
Empty weight 1075 kg (2’370 lbs) 1595 kg (3’516 lbs)
Payload 725 kg (1’598 lbs) 405 kg (893 lbs)
Maximum take-off weight 1800 kg (3’968 lbs) 2’000 kg (4’409 lbs)
Fuel consumption 40l/h 86l/h
Passengers 4 5
Crew 1 pilot, 1 mechanic 1 pilot
Notice No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of this information.
Team at the marriage of airframe and wings
A legend grows new wings — the return of the Junkers F13
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