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A tribute to the history of civil aviation

More than 320 JUNKERS F 13 were built between 1919 and 1932 – but only a handful survived, all of them are museum exhibits. The passionate pilot Dieter Morszeck wanted to change this: the JUNKERS F 13 was to take to the air once more.

Team at the marriage of airframe and wings
Die neue JUNKERS F 13 entsteht
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A pipe dream becomes real.

In the beginning, there was this rather quixotic idea to recreate an airworthy JUNKERS F 13. What appeared to be impossible at first became true: six years later, the first new JUNKERS F 13 rolled out of the assembly hall.

Before that could happen, thousands of documents, buried in museums and archives and with historians around the world, had to be searched for and analysed. And yet, complete plans were nowhere to be found. Lasers scans were made on the few remaining aircraft. This laborious method brought the breakthrough. Three-dimensional blueprints were re-created on the computer.

The construction team had to truly re-learn the old construction techniques to re-build the airplane.

Kaelin Aero Technologies GmbH, based in the German Black Forest, was able to reproduce the corrugated sheet base material made from duraluminium as well as all of the load-bearing structures of the body and wings, all identical to the original. Landing gear, engine, propellers, controls and systems were then fitted to the body cell and the wings in Dübendorf, near Zürich, where certification also was obtained. In 2016, after three years of research, development and construction, the team accomplished what many had thought to be impossible: The new JUNKERS F 13 took off, and her silhouette has been fascinating aviation enthusiasts around the globe ever since.

"The new JUNKERS F 13 is a flying tribute to the peaceful use of the aircraft worldwide."

Dieter Morszeck, founder and CEO, JUNKERS Flugzeugwerke AG
Team at the marriage of airframe and wings
Junkers F 13 pilot’s perspective in 360°!
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Craft and modern technology

The new JUNKERS F 13 is manufactured by hand; improvements were made on the materials and the processes compared to the historical aircraft – making the new JUNKERS F 13 even safer and of long-lasting value.