With a myriad of patents, Professor Hugo Junkers (1859-1935)
had a lasting influence on the development of aviation in the 20th century.

Junkers was unique amongst aviation pioneers, as he understood that research was key to bringing outstanding products to market.

"Everybody has their obsession. I too have mine, - research," he said. 

His closest associates knew him as the "master of pioneering technical research",
as they appreciated how far ahead of his time he was.

Junkers' innovations such as all-metal aircraft construction, the cantilevered removable wing, the pressurized cabin and lightweight construction remain today as mainstays of modern aircraft production. 


With the founding of today's Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG, inspired by the spirit of Hugo Junkers, Dieter Morszeck is a man on a mission. Objective: Preserve history by returning this tressure to the aviation scene, while simultaneously escalating it to even higher heights through modern innovation.



Dreams are realized through visionaries past and present. 

Over 100 years ago it took courageous minds with bold ideas to fulfil mankind’s eternal dream of flying.

The businessman, Dieter Morszeck, always had big ideas, amongst them was to replicate the historic Junkers F13, initially considered by some a bold and fanciful notion.

As pilot, Howard Hughes said, "Do the impossible because almost everyone has told me my ideas are merely fantasies".


After countless hours of research and a complete redesign of the original, the first Junkers F13 replica was able to take off for her maiden flight in 2016. Since then, her iconic silhouette has fascinated flight enthusiasts everywhere. 


Small series production of the Junkers F13 started in 2018 and S / N 13-0003 is currently under construction.

Yet another bold project followed in 2020: a light aircraft suitable for everyday use (600kg), in which lifestyle and freedom are combined. Based on the historic A50 Junior, this modernized microlight is on the verge of mass-production.


In 2021, Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG has grown into a company with over 25 employees, with Part 145 maintenance organisation certification achieved by the end of 2020. WACO AIRCRAFT CORPORATION, an American company based in Michigan, manufactures 1920’s & 1930’s era sport biplanes with a modern twist, joined the group in 2019.


The A50 Junior and the JUNKERS F13 have been 75 years out of production, passionate business owner and pilot, Dieter Morszeck has dedicated himself to the task of reviving these historic aircraft. Inspired by the innovative spirit of Hugo Junkers, Morszeck and his team of expert engineers have worked with great ingenuity to recreate the Junkers aircraft, no matter what it takes. 

Above and beyond his passion for bringing life back to the JUNKERS nameplate, Morszeck broadened his scope of historic aircraft production with the addition of WACO Aircraft Corp in 2018. Located in Battle Creek, MI USA, WACO’s team of dedicated craftsman manufacture 1920’s & 1930’s era sport biplanes with a modern twist. 

In 2022, JUNKERS Flugzeugwerke GmbH was established and the production of the A50 Junior came back to Germany.


"The new Junkers F13 is a flying homage to the peaceful use of aircraft worldwide"

Dieter Morszeck, founder and CEO of Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG


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